Located at Unit 2, the workshop is nestled on a private estate and is open to customers on request.

On arrival Antony will meet and greet you and discuss all the various options available. Please remember the possibilities are almost endless, and we shall help create that unique item for you.

Our workshop is a busy environment and so to get the highest level of productivity we have seperated the area into three main sections.

Our Workshop

Section 1 - The Design Room

This room is where all the photo production and printing take place, along with all the design work in preparing the machines to start manufacture. Before we start to manufacture all designs will be created using our latest machinery and then emailed to the customer for approval. Upon approval we shall then convert our design into a work ready document. This process can be very quick and easy, but for complex and intricate designs please allow some time to get the appropriate artwork returned for approval.

Our Workshop

Section 2 - The Production Room

Once the artwork has been approved and the document has been converted into a work ready file all the materials are prepared and all appropriate cutting and printing take place. A huge number of mouldings are available and if there is not a specific request from a customer, we shall happily advise what will complement the item the best. Along with all the moulding preparation the mounts will be cut, any photos will be dry mounted and any items of memorabilia will be prepared for attachment to the backing board. This process can be performed in a number of hours or even days, depending on the complexity and design of the item involved.

Our Workshop

Section 3 - The Assembly Room

Once everything has been cut, glued, printed and prepared this is where the frame really comes to life and all articles are attached and embedded into the frame.

All surfaces are cleaned, assembled and sealed, protecting your artwork and then wrapped, in preparation for the handover to the customer.


Within our workshop we have the latest machinery, allowing the highest levels of manufacture and production. Our main machinery within the workshop includes large format printers, photo printers, guillotines, underpinners, laser cutting & etching machine, mount cutters and many more.

If you wish to visit the workshop please contact us and we can arrange a time to meet and discuss your requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.