About Us

Mounted Memories Ltd allows the opportunity to bring your items to life, using the latest framing techniques.

Mounted Memories Ltd is owned by Antony Cook, who's love of sport led him from collecting sports memorabilia to become the owner of the UK's largest Muhammad Ali memorabilia website. Over the years Antony collected signed autographs and items of memorabilia that he began to get framed to a high standard. As the collection of memorabilia grew so did Antony’s imagination. Rather than having simple framing requirements the needs grew considerably. Antony therefore set upon a quest to design and manufacture unique frames that reflected the items of memorabilia and his personal belongings. Too often framers neglect the conservation of products and so this was a key characteristic in Antony’s personal framing.

Antony soon invested in the latest laser technology and this brought about new opportunities to frame unique items, making each and every item bespoke and unique to the individual. This creativity then reflected into all levels of framing and the corporate world suddenly wanted to have their items framed to represent their businesses. Antony set about achieving this and and has since opened his framing workshop to all customers, not just those wanting sports memorabilia framed. He specialises in print services, design services, corporate and fundraising events and framing services to the highest of standards.

As time passes by the imagination of both the design team and the customers continues to grow. Mounted Memories Ltd therefore have two main objectives with their products:

  • Create a unique frame that will display the individuals items to the highest of standards at all times
  • Provide the customer service we all require and expect.

As with everything, please remember virtually anything can be framed by Mounted Memories Ltd, so why not come down and visit us to see how we can design your dream frame?




Mounted Memories Ltd are Aftal Registered Dealers #195.

The "Autograph Fair Trade Association" ( AFTAL ) was formed by a group of acknowledged autograph dealers, with the intention of stamping out the market in fake items and ensuring that the customer is able to find dealers that they can trust.

Inclusion in AFTAL is proof of each dealer's commitment and professional competence. The Code of Conduct commits each AFTAL approved dealer to providing authentic items, with all the required knowledge, qualification and diligence that that may demand, and is the best possible proof any collector could have when looking to buy authentic signed memorabilia.

Simply put, there is no reason as to why any honest dealer should not become an AFTAL approved dealer, but many reasons why some could never become an AFTAL approved dealer.

The signed memorabilia market is now a multi-million industry, with the result that the less honest sellers will simply create those items that are most in demand. This non-authentic material is then offered for sale on websites, Internet auctions, and through retail outlets around the UK . Although easily spotted by an expert, hundreds of fake items are sold to unsuspecting collectors every day. AFTAL work hard to ensure that the Police and Trading Standards are aware of who the forgers behind the fakes are so they can take action.

Any memorabilia dealer can apply to join AFTAL, but not all applications are successful. Some "dealers" know that their ability to tell good from bad would become apparent during our verification process and authentication course, and so choose not be involved in AFTAL. If your dealer is not a member, ask them why!




As an AFTAL approved dealer, the member agrees to the following.

  1. To ensure that every item that may be offered for sale, is legally obtained, thoroughly checked, accurately described, and correctly presented, and that any member shall never knowingly offer for sale or exchange any item which is either fake, forged, printed or non authentic in any way, unless that item is so described.
  2. To always conduct their business to the highest standards, with honesty and integrity, never resorting to unfair trade that might reflect on their company, the industry, or AFTAL, and to always deal with customers in a polite and fair manner.
  3. To support and work with AFTAL, the Police, Trading Standards and others, and to help find and ensure prosecution of those involved in the creation and sale of non-authentic material as and when requested to do so.
  4. To avoid misrepresentation of any products and/or services, make false promises, use any misleading advertising or promote their company in any way that might lead to misconception on the part of the customer.
  5. To continually improve their expertise and skills within their field of work, and to do everything possible to enhance the reputation of AFTAL and its members, as skilled professionals offering honest, authentic and competent services to all customers.
  6. To ensure that their customers are aware that they offer a full 100% refund in cash, cheque or as requested by the customer, on any item that may be returned as non authentic for its entire life, and that refunds shall be made upon the return of the item, with the original COA/invoice together with any and all appropriate paperwork that may prove the item to be non authentic.
  7. To agree to abide by any and all rules, regulations, conditions or demands that AFTAL may inform them of at any time from this day forward.